Episode 24

Book Review - The Carbon Almanac

On this episode of Beyond Net Zero Journey, host Chloe Thomas invites listeners to join her in a book review of "The Carbon Almanac," a beautifully designed book that offers inspiration and education on the climate crisis.

Chloe discusses the collective behind the book, their meticulous research, and the vast resources available on their website.

She recommends buying a physical copy of the book from sellers such as B Corps, xigxag, or World of Books and suggests reaching out with any questions or future episode topics.

Chloe also updates listeners on her current projects, including the Cloud project, and shares her recent discovery of "eco anxiety" through the pages of "The Carbon Almanac."

Tune in to learn from Chloe's journey and discover this insightful book.

Get the book here: https://www.wob.com/en-gb/books/seth-godin/carbon-almanac/9780241594827

Thanks for listening.

If you've got comments, ideas, or suggestions on this or for a future topic please contact Chloe via LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/chloethomasecommerce/

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