Episode 1

First Diary Update - how are we starting our Beyond Net Zero Journey?

Our first 'diary' update on our Beyond Net Zero Journey. Covering:

  • A little background
  • What we're doing to the business 'eCommerce MasterPlan' to make it more carbon neutral
  • What we're doing to inspire others to follow us

Key links:

Episode 359 of the eCommerce MasterPlan podcast https://ecommercemasterplan.com/our-new-net-zero-focus-podcast/

Our Net Zero Web Page https://ecommercemasterplan.com/our-net-zero-journey-updates/

Our Ecologi Offsetting Account Page https://ecologi.com/ecommercemasterplan?r=61b0a531631bbe339e443ed1 (special link - they'll plant 30 extra trees in my 'forrest' if you sign up using this link)

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Beyond Net Zero Journey
eCommerce MasterPlan's journey to net zero and beyond

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