Episode 9

Supplier Audit - Sustainable Business Credit Card Tips

This is a quick episode to update you on our progress on our supplier audit. (check out episode 7 for part 1 and a bigger explanation of what it all is).

I’m currently working through changing our banking providers - because this is one of the biggest impacts I can have, and once all the changes are made - they’re (hopefully) made forever!

I've finally found a business credit card provider in the UK who is doing something towards sustainability - Captial on Tap

Full details in the episode, key links here:

Their blog post about it is here: https://www.capitalontap.com/en/blog/posts/our-carbon-offset-commitment/

If you're planning on signing up with Capital on Tap - then you and I both get £75 if you use this link: https://chloelink.com/creditcard

AND please note - I have no financial qualifications so this isn't advice, it's just me sharing our journey.

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